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muggins n : a person who lacks good judgment [syn: fool, sap, saphead, tomfool]

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  1. A fool or idiot (especially as an ironic way of referring to oneself).
    I suppose muggins here will have to do all the work, as usual.
  2. In the context of "Cribbage": : The act of stealing another player's points because they either mis-pegged or counted up incorrectly. House rules must specify if mugginser gets the mugginsee's points or if the mugginsee's points are simply lost, before the start of the game. By default, the mugginser gets the points.

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Muggins (also known as All Fives, Five Up, or Doer Di) is a domino game played with any of the commonly available sets.


Points are earned when a player plays a bone with the result that the count (the sum of all open ends) is a multiple of five. The points earned are equal to the sum of the ends. Therefore, if in the course of play a player plays a bone that makes the sum of the ends 5, 10, 15 or 20, the player scores that number. All pips on a crosswise doublet are included in the count.

Draw and Play

Each player takes five bones (four players) or seven bones (two players). If the leader plays the 6-4, 5-5, 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2, the count is evenly divisible by five and so the player scores. If, later, the ends before play are 2 and 4, the next player can play the 4-4 crosswise and score 10. Each player must play if holding a matching bone. A player who cannot match must draw until obtaining a playable bone. Scores are called and taken immediately.
The player who goes out wins additional points based on the pips still in other players' hands. Each opponent's hand is rounded to the nearest multiple of five and the result is given the winner. For example, the winner scores 25 for 27 pips in an opponent's hand and 30 for 28 points. If all players are blocked, the lightest hand wins, still earning points based on the pips in opponents' hands.
These games vary on the number of tiles taken initially, the use of six-up, nine-up, twelve-up or fifteen-up tiles sets, and whether tiles can be played off the four corners of the initial doublet, or all subsequent doublets as well (Doer Di).

All Threes

All Threes is played in the same manner as Muggins, except that points are earned for multiples of three.

Fives and Threes

Fives and Threes is similar to Muggins and All Threes, but points are scored for multiples of five and multiples of three at the open ends. Multiples of five and multiples of three are worth one point each. These can be scored in combination, however. If Player A plays the 6-5 and Player B the 6-1, then Player B scores 2 points because 5 and 1 sum to six (two threes). Player A then plays the 1-5 and earns 2 points because 5 and 5 sum to 10 (two fives). If Player B then plays the 5-5 crosswise, Player B scores 8 points, 5 for five threes and 3 for three fives.
Fives and Threes can be played with or without a "sniff". Games are often played to 31, 61, or 121 points using a cribbage board to score.
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